1 April 2017

There was a time when I just loved reading and writing. Specifically, reading technology blogs, ‘how to…’ tutorials and movie reviews were interesting and entertaining for me. I occasionally wrote about my ideas, thoughts and daily activities. However, I had to put a full-stop in it due to academic load and some other personal issues. Also, I wasn’t quite sure about what I was trying to accomplish with this. There was another factor also. I was (and still am) bad at time management.

I bought this domain and hosting last year and wished to get back in my old writing hobbies. And again I failed to follow through. So, this time I have decided that I will not go for planning anymore. Rather I will start documenting whatever I can each day. Hopefully, in this way, some of the old habits will come back naturally.

So, that is the idea. Let’s see what happens now… 🙂