IT Support 101: How to Provide Great IT Support

Providing great IT Support or Technical Support is a crucial issue for any organization. Anyone with some technical knowledge can provide some form of IT Support. However, to provide great Tech Support, you will require more than just technical knowledge and communication skills.

While I was doing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program, I learned many valuable lessons. In the first course of the program, Technical Support Fundamental, I learned how to provide great IT Support. To be great at Tech Support, you’ll have to have passion for it. Your passion for helping others can make the difference you need to thrive in an IT Support role. Problem-solving ability is another key trait for IT Support Specialists. You’ve to analyze the problem and identify the root cause before applying the problem-solving skills and identify the solution. The third valuable key is communication. Good communication skills are  essential tools to connect with clients and deliver the desired solution effectively and efficiently. High Emotional Intelligence (EI), as well as empathy, can also help a lot in this role.

IT Support is about solving problems faced by others daily. And a great chunk of IT Support Executive’s time will go in troubleshooting related issues. Troubleshooting is the ability to diagnose and resolve a problem. To properly diagnose any problem, you’ll need to have sufficient information about that problem. An IT Support Executive should ask a lot of questions to collect as much relevant information as possible. Having sufficient information is a must to properly diagnose and resolve an issue. 

Troubleshooting is the ability to diagnose and resolve a problem.

Isolating the Problem is an important trait for an IT Support Executive. A user may face multiple issues and seek Tech Support. The Tech Support should identify and isolate the problem as it will help to provide more efficient support. Identifying the Root cause will help in this matter. A Root cause is the main factor that’s causing a range of issues. So, identifying the root cause and solving that may lead to solve other issues.

A Root cause is the main factor that’s causing a range of issues.

An IT Support Executive should follow the cookie crumbs. It means that you should start solving the first problem since that may lead to the solution of the latter problems. A great deal of valuable information can be found from the Error Messages and Error Logs. So, IT Support Stuff has to understand and make sense of this information. While providing a solution, it is better to start with the quickest step first since it will save a lot of time and energy. From the course, I learned about two common pitfalls faced by the IT Support Executives. Those are:
Pitfall # 1: Going into autopilot
Pitfall # 2: Not finding the root cause

Everyone may not face the same problem. Therefore, it is better to ask questions and collect information to properly diagnose the problem. Jumping to conclusions without knowing the backstory may create more problems and headache. Identifying the root cause may be the most efficient way to solve the IT Support issue. A Tech Support Executive must not fall into these pitfalls.

Last but not least, if you want to thrive in an IT Support role, you have to keep an open mind and always learn. Learning new skills, producing more efficient solutions may seem like a drag but it will help you keep on top of your game. Plus, add some empathy and politeness and you’ll become a great IT Support Executive in no time.

This is an ongoing series where I am writing about what I learned from the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program. Feel free to read, comment, and share!

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