IT Support 101: How to Write Documentation Properly

We use technology to make our life easy and comfortable. However, oftentimes things don’t work according to our expectations. Facing difficulty when using a piece of technology is very common. The workstation may not work the way it should have. Maybe a particular software is crashing after the last update or maybe the user cannot […]

IT Support 101: The Necessary Soft Skills for IT Support Jobs

Employers around the world are aggressively looking for skilled talents who can deliver great IT Support experience, as the demand for IT Support related jobs are increasing rapidly. Often times companies headquartered in North America and Europe are outsourcing their help desk and tech support to countries like India, Thailand, and Vietnam, etc. Today, IT […]

IT Support 101: How to Provide Great IT Support

Providing great IT Support or Technical Support is a crucial issue for any organization. Anyone with some technical knowledge can provide some form of IT Support. However, to provide great Tech Support, you will require more than just technical knowledge and communication skills. While I was doing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program, I […]